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My first two posts

A careful reader will notice that my first two posts have dealt with male and female genitalia. A careless reader would think that somehow makes me sick in the head. A careful reader with a Biblical sense might think, however, that I've merely begun from the beginning, with an Adam post and an Eve post. Only from here can the other posts follow and bear fruit. Are you hungry for more?

Isle of Vagina

Comedian DJ Hazard made a joke the other night about how, at the supermarket, guy's foot care can be located right next to the jock itch, while women have an entire "aisle of vagina." A friend noted that the joke would be completely different, though still funny, if misheard as "I love vagina." At the same time, I thought that Hazard might've been suggesting that women have an "Isle of Vagina." Is this a place you'd like to visit? Would Wonder Woman be there to greet you? Would it be on the map? And in a related query: Would men get lost?

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